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Search Engine Optimization


With the advent of digitalization and the righteous usage and awareness of Information Technology, the netizens today have gained pace over what they want from the various search engines gearing up to behold the best user experience.

Today’s users are precise and prudent with the quality of information they look forward to from a search engine. The needs of each user are dynamic, but the quality remains quintessential on the priority list. This user can be pivotal and may act as a catalyst to let the search engines convert their business into a growing one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to “the process which significantly shoots up the number of visitors on a website and also takes notice that it remains high on the search results on a specific search engine which displays several other alternative results”. Whereas, User Experience or UX talks about the cumulative undergo of a person using a computer-related product, especially in terms of how easy and quiet it is in its usage.


Thus, to strengthen the customer base for a business, Search Engine Optimization, and UX as a duo may help to increase the visibility of a website. Search Engine Optimization provides the vital external caricature gaining the customer’s attention, and UX becomes a platform that soothes the person looking for the answers to the questions that only this de efficiently and strategically disseminates, a strategy that manifolds business and customer satisfaction.

To understand the broad usage of these two tools when used together, we must look forward to the following pointers that exhibit the productivity that Search Engine Optimization and UX draw for a perfect user search:

  • Search Engine Optimization may fetch the rigorously used keywords, consequently drawing the search pattern by the users. But UX can drive the traffic for better conversions.

  • Search Engine Optimization provides the structure that elevates the site in search position. UX captivates the user for a prolonged existence on a specific website.

  • Navigation through mobile phones is the new trend. To let the users experience instant navigation, UX designers have a vital role. SEO regulates the site’s functioning in a way that it smoothly loads.

  • The needs of the customers vary but what is essential is the involvement they have with a website. The customers’ engagement is lifted by UX and tapping the quality readers is in the hands of the SEO data.

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Therefore, we may say that SEO and UX may work well individually but for a complete business upheaval, it would be fruitful for the SEO and UX designers to work with each other. Information Technology is an ever-changing domain, and to extract the most out of this industry website designers should realize the importance of these two sides of the same coin.

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