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Artificial intelligence: The empowering Social Media Marketing regime

In the realm of digital marketing Social Media Marketing(SMM) is an important trending term. Automation in marketing is also slightly making its way through. The integration of these ‘two’ apparently can bring about significant changes in and around the digital arena.

When it comes to online marketing of any product or service, social media platforms have become inevitable. The impact social media can create single handily on its users is exceedingly more than any other channel for promotion. With spontaneous response, instant feedback, and solving queries, social media is undoubtedly the fastest approach to targeting mass audiences in one go.

Now the question arises… How to make optimum use of this medium? Technology has helped us to continuously evolve and cater to the growing needs and changing preferences of today’s customers. While we think and implement one set of applications and improvements, the consumer market demands something bigger and better. Incorporating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE with the existing online marketing practices is the next big thing, marketers are looking forward to.

Artificial Intelligence, with its immense potential to offer, can primarily be used to take quick and calculated decisions, determining a more refined target audience by sorting and analyzing the massive amount of customer behavior information. With the help of a few heads, we will try to figure out how AI (Artificial Intelligence), when finely and accurately blended with social media platforms can bring revolutionary changes.


Eliminate manual efforts:

Using AI for reviving social media marketing strategies can be used to chisel customer executives’ jobs.

  • Using Slack Bot can predict the productivity and success rate of any piece of content being posted. It can also collect a similar piece of content available on social media sites and make the final decision-making process quite easy.
  • Repetitive tasks can be easily handled. Monitoring various activities 24*7 might consume much more time than required. Time can be saved and expenses can be chucked down, to follow up on more constructive developments.

Ease in the analysis of data:

The main task of handling data available in abundance is one issue. Systematic collection, Interpretation, and analysis of data can be expected by using AI-designed algorithms. The output will be error-free conquering the inability of handling massive data otherwise.

  • It can help to generate a list of complaints that are prioritized.
  • Spams and fake profiles can be detected in no time.

Understanding Customer Behaviour and lift engagement level:

The ultimate aim of a customer-centric market is to render maximum satisfaction to the customer. Gelling up with AI in Social Media can help one boost its influence and retain loyalty.

  • Semantic analysis by AI can help in determining keywords, phrases, and sentence structures to pick the ongoing market sentiment of your brand, and the prevalent thought process of your customers.
  • Prediction of specific target groups which can yield better engagement rates is seemingly possible. The most appropriate time in a day for making maximum engagement happen is also achievable.
  • It can help to keep track of interested and relevant customers. Prior interactions and publicity can lead to conversions, this way.

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With all these major enhancements in the current execution, the role of machine learning is continuously growing. It is proving to be an asset to BUSINESS SECURITY.

With immense substance to be a game changer by seeking better behavioral targeting approaches, AI holds a promise of adorning the future of social media marketing. The demand for inbuilt AI software is the next buzz in the market. The intensive research will surely result in the development of software that can withstand strong relationships with buyers.

Esteemed giants like IBM and GOOGLE are already adapting AI to increase relevance to customers. Facebook is showcasing innovative ways and moving ahead to make it more automated.

AI’s role in social media marketing is thus, pivotal in the coming years. It is here to magnify the entire e-marketing industry and make customers’ expectations value increase exponentially like never before.

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