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Surviving the ‘Google FRED’ Storm

A powerful website determines the strength of a digital endorsement. With the ‘N’ number of competitors in the market, the role of the SEO industry has broadened. The existence of the SEO industry is challenged whenever Google or any other search engine undergoes a confirmed/unconfirmed ranking update. The consequences are significant enough to persuade Digital marketing firms to take the necessary steps.

The recent Google update christened ‘FRED’ has thrown curveballs at the website owners and taken the SEO industry by storm. The automated tracking tools report significant changes in the SEO rankings of the websites. Some websites have suffered traffic loss, while some have attained an unprecedented hike in Google ranking. SEO experts rack their brains hard to unravel the reasons affecting the wavering.

However, there can be quick and convenient ways to give this rank suffering a ditch, keeping our website ‘safely zoned’ and avoiding being penalized.

Google is a zipped lip about the key reasons affecting the website rankings. However, reviewing sample URLs of affected websites indicate that this update targets the websites which do not abide by website manager guidelines.

Based on the few observations, here are five ways that can prove to be a savior:

Revamp the content:

The update targets websites with low-quality/outdated content. You should-

  • Add high-quality, genuine, creative, informative content on the website which strictly adheres to quality guidelines.
  • Discard irrelevant, invaluable content.
  • Focus on the content of the pages, which drive most of the traffic.

‘NO’ to artificial backlinks:

This is an exaggeration of low-quality content. Old/poor quality/unnatural backlinks that land users on unwanted/misleading pages should be removed to save website ranking.

  • Use a backlink spam tool to identify questionable backlinks.
  • Make the backlinks appear required and reasonable in number.

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‘Revenue’ is not the right reason ‘:

Your website might observe a drop in ranking if it appears more for revenue generation rather than providing the users with what they are looking for. Sites could be penalized, which requires users to click through pages to view content that could have been placed on a single page.

  • Keep the content well organized on the website.
  • Keep the motive that the user must be the ultimate beneficiary.

Avoid too much AD-Adulteration:

An Unreasonable number of ads on the website can also lead to a massive ranking drop.

  • Keep the visibility of the content a priority and not the ads and affiliate links.
  • Avoid making the website look too ad-heavy.
  • Avoid pop-ups, as they make accessibility difficult for mobile users.

Keywords are key:

Adopt the latest SEO techniques.

  • Find the keywords which drive in most of the traffic.
  • Match lost keywords based on previous rankings and traffic volume.

Thus, ensuring quality content and the promise of a great user experience keep your websites in the game of rising and falling.

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