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Digital Marketing Revamped in COVID Times

Covid-19 has throttled the world. Global Pandemic is the word that surfaced in no time and sabotaged everything inside out. It is rather difficult to gulp down the NEW NORMAL. But as they say, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. If we say that this is the revolutionary time for the internet and the prospects it holds, it won’t be wrong!

An absolute digital transformation has knocked on the door and opened new horizons and generous opportunities in the digital arena.

The players are the same, the field is the same, and only the game rules are changed because of the circumstantial difficulties. But these opportunities can be seized and can be adapted to win over the market.

It is not quite rocket science to estimate how online businesses have flourished post-COVID times. It took no time for the companies, selling products in the traditional physical market, to realize that it is an ideal opportunity to catch customers’ eyeballs via online platforms. Here comes the fantastic role-play of DIGITAL MARKETING and its worthiness.

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Facts reveal that digital sales proliferated phenomenally since the first quarter of MARCH 2020 in comparison to that of 2019. YouTube views rose exponentially and online products selling companies like AMAZON had their shares breaking the glass ceiling and all this because of the NEW NORMAL of customers confined to their homes and SCREENS, more specifically. It has also led to drastic changes in the tastes, preferences, and priorities of the customers. Physical gathering/events have taken a backseat, remote work method has been adopted and so the need for virtual marketing of products and services has amplified and this is where lies the crux of digital marketing making its mark.

People are confined and hence spend time online in much greater proportion than before. They prefer online services more than ever before and this is the reason why we are witnessing tremendous growth in sectors like medical courier services, online teaching, food delivery services, online news, and streaming, and a dip in the travel and hospitality industries, restaurant business and mostly those sectors which majorly operate offline.

The boost in the online lifestyle of customers makes it the right time for marketers to acquire precise strategies and framing of meticulous plans to capture the target audience. Digital marketing agencies must come up with short-term adaptations for companies that need to establish their brands, generate leads, and fuel up sales.

Small and Mid-sized businesses that are thriving to carve their niche have the best opportunity at hand to position their products/services in the minds of customers which can be helmed by a perfect digital marketing strategy creating a unique selling proposition and reaching the target audience.

Increased screen time the customers gives superfluous chances of reaching the customers via display ads, online videos, social media, and channeling the required traffic to the business website. The entire circumcircle of driving the traffic, engaging the audience, converting them into leads, and generating sales has multiplied into much greater probability.

Digital Marketing Services

In a nutshell, if digital marketing agencies focus on creating new marketing channels that comply with the COVID norms by being entirely online and using digital data to prepare better-informed campaigns for their clients, they can garner much more attention from the customers. In this uncertain situation, creating content that is relevant to the scenario that hits larger mindshare of the people at less cost, is what is the need of the hour.

One simple rule that can be followed to get into business is to experiment with methods that gather customers’ attention as that is the real challenge. Customers are now more vigilant and well-researched and thus look for anything that is more transparent and relevant with the recent times.

Winston Churchill said: Difficulties mastered are opportunities won. This is the most appropriate time to lift the businesses gasping for breath by paving the smoother road to conducting successful businesses online.

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