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digital marketing in healthcare industry


An inconvenience caused gives us food for thought as to how to overcome the existing tribulation. This is why individuals are looking for easily applicable solutions, which can rectify their issues in no time and with minimum effort. The continuously evolving technology is pumping that power to the digital world to develop swift and innovative remedies to cater to the growing needs of the people.

Healthcare is one of the industries, that is pivotal for the economy and a concern that cannot be ignored. The market size of the Healthcare industry is around 12,600 crores. Several studies, research, and developments are made every hour but the question is- ‘How is it propagated to the common man who needs the correct and precise information the most?’

According to the statistics, the third most popular search online is information related to the healthcare industry. Research data reveals, ‘Out of millions of Internet users in India, one-third of users dig Internet to resolve their health-related queries’.

The following pointers would justify how digital marketing adapts to changing trends in the healthcare industry and withholds umpteen potential.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Impact on the Youth:

  • Today’s generation is driven and regulated by information on social platforms. Users lying in the age group of 18-24 prefer to trust medical information available on social networks.

  • The information related to the healthcare industry on social media is sufficient to help several people analyze their issues.

  • Facebook proves miraculously advantageous as it allows the users to know the product/service, feedback, and flaws from multiple reviewers.

  • Health-related advertisements on Facebook propagate quickly and generate responses more than any other marketing tool.

  • 60% of doctors have admitted that social media significantly contribute to reaching out to patients and improves the quality of service.


Mobile-friendly treatment:

  • The easiest way to understand a customer or a patient is through their smart devices. As much as it’s important to know a customer’s behavior, it is equally important to understand the patient. So doctors and nutritionists have vehemently supported the development of treatments that can be handled through mobile phones.

  • Over 90% of young users are looking for Smarter solutions. This is the reason why we have around 97000 applications related to Healthcare and fitness.

  • Everything is available with a single touch, be it any form of health advice, prescription, exercise, or nutrition.

  • Healthcare information is accessible in various forms Online like articles, journals, YouTube videos, blogs, and publications by esteemed and highly acknowledged healthcare institutions and organizations.

  • Consultations/assistance can now be given via video conferencing without any limitation of location. Icliniccare offers 24*7 online consultations in India.

  • Many international organizations like MAYO CLINIC, MedicineNet, and WebMD are proving to be great online information resources in the field of Healthcare.

  • Platforms like Practo and MED INDIA facilitate the online search for the best doctors available with various specializations.

Web Designing and Development

Bookings and appointments get easier:

  • The reliability of users on the Internet and technology has compelled a majority of doctors and hospitals to actively mark their presence online which not only helps in establishing their brand value and marketing their services but also improves the communication process.

  • The patient or the relevant person can be instantly assisted with the help of such accessibility.

  • Online bookings and solving queries save unnecessary hassle and time-starved people from long queues.

  • The rising demand for caretakers and nurses for aged people’s health monitoring has increased the trend of looking for such paid assistants online.


The contribution of digital marketing to the healthcare industry proves to be inevitable. With the only limitation of a few cases still exists, which require up close and personal examination. Digital marketing has almost succeeded in reinventing the wheel and enlightening the common man with every aspect of healthcare treatments and fostering a healthy lifestyle. Everyone today wants to take a well-informed decision and digital marketing helps bridge that gap between its users and the service providers.

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