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Google Trust Factor

‘The Trust Factor Counts’ in Digital Marketing

History bears the evidence of this fact that GOOGLE stays mum after its every update, and with it, gives the researchers a whole new dimension to think and analyze the factors responsible for the change in rankings of the websites. After much speculation, the recent updates in Google’s algorithm apparently signify that ‘TRUST’ is that one factor that can affect the rankings, majorly.

Digital marketing agencies sustain their ability to foster faith amongst their customers. Drawing customers’ attention to your website is one thing and propelling them to choose you over the rest of the competition, ultimately crawls you to the top of the success ladder.


‘Trust Factor’, thus plays an important role for the search engines while having a quality check and determining the relevance in the order of the rankings.

You can go through the complete article to find out what basically affects building the ‘TRUST FACTOR’ in SEO.

Trust is the ‘link’:

  • The use of more backlinks upgrades the Trust Factor. The more pages pointing to the particular article more is its trustworthiness.
  • Getting more quality links to your website commendably scales up the trust factor. Hence, the quality of neighbourhood links must be seriously taken into consideration.

NOTE: Google has algorithms to penalize you for using unauthorized link-building techniques.

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Trust is the level of ‘ENGAGEMENT’:

You can question yourself- ‘How engaging is your website for the visitors?’ This engagement is measured by the search engines, as it highly contributes to boosting the Trust Factor. The various aspects of engagement can be understood below.

  • The time spent by the user on the website directly implies its appreciable level of attraction for the visitor. Once the user visits the website, he/she must visit multiple pages to increase the average time.
  • In case the user visits your website and immediately bounces back to try something else (also called pogo-sticking), implies that your website isn’t engaging and crops up the factor of mistrust.
  • In other words, a trusted website is one with high engagement metrics. The ‘time on site’ is a relatively much important factor while the search engines rate the relevance of your content.


Trust is the ‘CTR’:

Click-through rates, as the term suggests, aim at attaining the maximum number of clicks. All you have to do is get your website clicked in the first place. It completes the loop as-

  • High-quality-genuine content on the website, with decent speed to offer, can improve your ranking with which chances of getting clicked also improve. The frequency at which the website gets clicked determines its degree of trustworthiness and therefore contributes to an elevated Trust Factor.

Trust is the ‘Returning Visitor’:

The pattern in which your website is being visited is scrutinized constantly by search engines.

  • A website with visitors showing up time and again can explicitly claim of being more trustworthy than one which has only new visitors and no re-visitors.
  • The visitors returning to visit a particular website implies customer satisfaction and thus builds the Trust Factor.

Web Designing and DevelopmentTrust is the ‘Social Symbol’:

Customers’ camaraderie incredibly creates a positive impact on justifying your website as a highly trusted one. It is important that you are socially connected irrespective of how low searches you get.

  • If your website adds references to social figures with high repute, it immediately gets uplifted in terms of reliability.
  • If a particular article is being liked and shared more, it means that it is being viewed a number of times. The increased popularity gains the trust of the visitors thus enhancing its Trust factor.

Other than these, an additional factor, the Website’s Age, although does not stand very significant, might prove beneficial in being enlisted amongst the most trusted sites.

So to avoid the unnecessary decline in the Google rankings, sow the seeds of ‘Trust’ and reap the results!

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