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Smart Digital Marketing

The crutch for growing local businesses: Smart Digital Marketing

The current digital marketing strategies primarily revolve around understanding two parameters: dynamic consumer behaviour and sustaining competitive pressures. When a business is service-oriented (restaurants, gyms, etc.) where 90% of customers are consumers, it is quite a challenge to continuously draw consumers to your services and prove how they are different and the best in the existing market.

For defining and reaching the right customers, a strong base of factual pre-analysis is required. This analysis plays a crucial role in identifying long-term goals and objectives. So, the bottlenecks exist somewhere in between tailoring your digital marketing schemes in accordance with the need of the customers. Building an insight from a customer’s perspective is all that you need.

A good engagement web for prospects is proof of how successful you are in understanding the interest of your target market. And how did you develop this understanding? By aligning consumer behaviour analytics with your goals and pushing it in the right direction. Having a simplified form of customer content helps to strategize your next move.


The entire process of analytics is cyclic and interlinked from drawing characteristics of your customers (who will be your customers?), filtering it to more specific attributes, defining the target market, reaching the market, customizing your services as per the needs and wants of customers, encouraging feedback and striving to achieve personalized relationships and earn loyalty.

Considering the case study of food-tech startups, we discover how revolutionary the amalgamation of food and technology is. Companies like Zomato and Swiggy who are now the market leaders have made India’s food delivery market grow by 150% last year, in comparison to 2015.

They have hit the right pulse of the target market in which customers want the food delivery service at the doorstep and are also willing to pay for it. The key factor in building and capturing the markets at such a pace is that their basic game plan is on point. The perfect blend of technology and operational excellence in which brilliant logistics act as a catalyst.

Zomato SwiggyBoth Food-tech giants ZOMATO and SWIGGY have excelled in bringing in business with their own incredible marketing strategies and generated a humungous revenue of $440 million. It is, however, easy to make out that in locally set-up businesses like these-‘Quick delivery time’ is the prominent parameter that builds the customer base and wins loyalty.

Both companies continuously challenge their potential to bring in strategies that pump up the number of orders and outline the best techniques to deliver those orders in minimum time and operating cost. To grab customer attention and market share, these companies have flooded customers with heavy discounts and policies like ‘ZERO COMMISSION MODEL (by Zomato).

Accomplishing a whopping 3 million orders per month (on an avg), Zomato is leaving no stone unturned to beat Swiggy in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore where Swiggy has a more loyal customer base.

To make a local-service-oriented-business setup work, the plan can be divided into three primary criteria:

  • Proper mapping of the process (what we evaluate on the paper might be different from the real-life circumstances, that scope has to be analyzed and worked upon)
  • Demarcate the constraints (changing customer behaviours)
  • Solutions with alternative remedies to back up.

As mentioned earlier, brainstorming digital marketing strategies from the predictive analysis which sustains the existing competitive pressures, and customizing those strategies to appeal changing behaviour of customers with time, is the need of the hour. Sometimes, critically building strategies might not work, use JIT (JUST IN TIME) strategies to make the right move.

When the customer is not devoid of options and can easily jockey around, marketing the originality of your product, generating its desire, and proving how your product or service is the best possible solution to the one looking for it, assimilates long-term results.

Digital Marketing

Attaining a perfect rhythm between speed, consistency, cost, and reliability can help to define a successful digital marketing strategy. Hezemon can help local businesses by pushing up user engagement and helping businesses to connect with the right bloggers and entrepreneurs and establish brand names and trust.

Hezemon, India’s top Digital Marketing Agency can help to post relevant blogs, invite communications, and welcome feedback which is still the best method of engaging prospects. Targeting ads is also one method to convert prospects into customers. Hezemon, thus, offers ways to chalk out a well-defined marketing strategy that can help these local businesses to reach the right set of customers.

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