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Organic Traffic

How to let the ‘Traffic Drive-In’?

Want to increase Organic Traffic?

If you want to reach out to the people and mark your presence, you don’t have to shout from the rooftops! But you need an attractive ‘Website’ for sure.

Millions of unknowns are striving hard to start and grow their business and so, it becomes indispensable for an enterprise to own a website. An attractive Website is like a curtain-raiser, with which you can grab the sight of a visitor and make them reluctant to switch to any other one standing in the competition.

Here is a list of six ingenious ways to beg, borrow or steal a visitor’s attention through your website and make them go head over heels, once and for all!

  1. The Perfect Panorama: ‘What is liked by the eyes, seeps into the heart’! The visual appeal of the website is one thing that should stand out. One should-
  • Use a combination of colors that amalgamates well with the theme.
  • The graphics, the eye trail, and the icons should be designed accordingly.


  1. The Fitt’s law: ‘The larger, the closer, the easier!’ It is one exciting way to highlight what is important on the website and improve its usability. You can-
  • Make the most commonly used buttons appear comparatively bigger.
  • Create a visual hierarchy following the above rule to draw attention to relatively important spheres.
  1. The Creative Charisma: ‘Let the eyeballs take a halt!’ High-quality, original and diverse content forms the backbone of an impactful website. Exhibit the content which is relevant and specific to the theme to avoid obsolete navigation. To implement this-
  • Sorted content should be simplified and informative.
  • Use catchy, concise, and compelling headlines to boost traffic.
  • A Clear Meta description is required
  • Create internal links to new content.
  1. Live Chat: ‘It is the new creative cool!’
  • This feature can make it more engaging as the retention rate of visual material is always high.
  • One can also make an introductory video for the homepage which might prove to be a smart move.
  1. Mobile-Friendly and Good Accessibility: ‘It is the need of the hour! ‘The website should be well designed and responsive for mobile users, to reach a wider audience. It must load quickly to help a visitor to stay and explore.

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  1. Sinewy feedback and commenting system: From the customer’s perspective, it is highly desired to make a website that is interactive and friendly. For this-
  • Invite guests to blog on your site.
  • Publish interviews on the blog.
  • Manage the feedback and review sections, well.

It is all set and ready to get noticed to increase Google Organic Traffic.

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