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Digital Marketing

Confusion worse confounded? ‘Digital or Traditional Marketing’

To call the world’s attention to what you are and to let the world buy your thoughts, ‘marketing’ is the word. But the current hit ‘digital’ or the evergreen ‘traditional’?

Understanding the terms individually:

Traditional Marketing is endorsing your product or services via commercial broadcast on TV or radio, also, print ads, posters, and flyers (leaflets used for advertising) put directly in the mailboxes.

Digital marketing is alluring customers by advertising your products or services on the web which can be done by occupying a social media presence, uploading YouTube videos, or developing a website.

The current statistics show with the advance in technology and the audience growing tech-savvy, digital marketing has become an obvious choice. It is continuously upgrading to newer levels with the advent of new strategies whereas traditional marketing is critically declining.

Which has a notch above and why?


Neuroscience explains three key aspects of marketing: ‘Cognitive load’, ‘motivation’, and ‘attention’. This implies that it is of great importance how persuasive an ad campaign is. Traditional Marketing fulfils this criterion better, as it offers a hard copy to the audience. It appears more real, believable, and understandable to a segment of the audience. But in addition to this, expenses are an inevitable factor. Digital marketing has the solution to this and much more.

Magazines and newspaper giants consider digital publications more significant. Thanks to the global cover! Digital marketing’s reach is international. You can approach an infinite audience with the most cost-efficient efforts.

‘Digital Marketing  –

  • This is a cheaper medium as it does not require printing and crew to distribute.
  • This can be customized according to the need and size of the audience.
  • Has the strength to evoke a response and instant consumer feedback.
  • The audience has multiple choices to like, disregard, ignore, or adore you. You can measure the response, interact, build rapport with the audience, and improve.
  • You can track the success rate of your campaign continuously and implement refinements.

The availability of an audience on smartphones offers wide avenues for digital techniques to prosper. But the proven strategies of traditional marketing cannot be neglected. A perfect blend of familiar strategies with the brilliant reach and accessibility of the novice one can be used to yield desired results.

An Omnichannel approach to target the market is always an excellent idea!

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